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Starting Sunday, August 6. Rehearsals will be
Sunday afternoon 1-4 PM, at TBD
also Tuesday/Thursday evening 7-9:30 PM at TBD


Charity Hope Valentine

Female 23-39. Painfully naive. Etermally optimistic. Sweet-hearted. Not too bright. Always young, smiling, and happy. Just wants to be loved. Works as a taxi dancer at a faintly seedy ballroom. Need to be a good singer, dancer, and actress.
Female 26-50. Charity's fellow dancer at the Fandango Ballroom, and closest friend; has done prison time, but sympathetic and lively; a great friend and a fun gal; excellent dancer and singer; Mezzo-Soprano, Low F to D.

Female 26-50. Charity's fellow dancer and friend at the Fandango Ballroom; hardened and smart-mouthed, often sarcastic; sees through the BS, but keeps an eye on Charity; excellent dancer and singer; Mezzo-Soprano, Low F to D.

Female 26-50. Charity's fellow dancer at the Fandango Ballroom. Sarcastic.

Female 19-34. New girl at the Fandango Ballroom. Fresh faced.

Vittorio Vidal
Male 30-60. A romantic but slightly faded Italian movie star. Smooth, confident, gentleman. Italian accent would be nice. Tenor

Male 40-60. tough, dry, working class New Yawk manager of the Fandango Ballroom. Tenor

Daddy Brubeck.
Male 36-55. Charismatic leader of the Rhythm of Life Church. Baritone / tenor

Oscar Lindquist
Male 28-50. Charity's love interest; a good-natured, upright and genuinely sweet guy who is also phobic, insecure, and shy; he's looking for new experiences and also looking for love, and thinks he's found it in Charity but can't make up his mind; unintentionally charming, and kind of messed up; Baritone, low B to F#.

Ensemble roles
Male and female 20-50. Choral singing and dancing.

Audition Songs

Vittorio Vidal. Too Many Tomorrows. From beginning through measure 40 "If you stay with me."

Charity Valentine. Charity's Soliloquy From measure 41 - measure 68 "like a sentimental slob" Also, If My Friends Could See Me Now, measures 17 - 48
Also I'm The Bravest Individual measures 1 - 44.

Nicky/Helene/Female Ensemble. There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This. measure 12-48 Beginning through "Get Out And Learn It".

Oscar. Sweet Charity. measure 1-47 Beginning through "please belong to me".

Herman. I Love To Cry At Weddings. measure 1-43 Beginning through "streaming down my face".

Daddy Brubeck. Rhythm Of Life. measure 1-48 Beginning through "everything you know".

Female Ensemble. Big Spender. measure 17-37 Beginning through "a little time with me".

Male Ensemble. Rhythm of Life. measure 25-48 Daddy line through "every thing you know."